During Trial

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Courtroom Setup

Our vast experience in all 41 of Alabama’s judicial circuits gives us a unique perspective on how to make sure the judge and jury has a clear view of your audio/visual presentation. Our team will set up your courtroom anywhere in Alabama and we have the resources to set up any courtroom in the United States. We would love to stay with you for the trial, but if equipment is all you need, we have you covered.

Jury Selection

Brewer Walker has a unique perspective when it comes to jury selection. We have been involved in hundreds of jury trials and have spoken to many jurors throughout our career. Let us use that experience to assist you with the jury selection process. We can take a proactive approach with your jury selection needs or simply provide a second opinion.

Jury Research

Brewer Walker uses all resources available to assist you with jury research for any venue.

Hot Seat Operators

Hot seat operators are often referred to as trial technician, trial techs or trial presentation specialists. Their role in a trial or mediation is to operate the computer presenting documents, photos, videos, video depositions so that the judge and jury can follow along with the attorneys. At Brewer Walker, we add to this technical definition by taking each case very personally. The relationship we have with our clients is special, and we will do anything we can to help them succeed. Whether it’s scanning in a last second document or providing daily feedback, our hot seat operators are heavily invested into achieving a positive result for our clients. We try to be in sync with the attorney, with the speed and accuracy that keeps juries paying attention to our client’s message.


Brewer Walker has the latest equipment available. With the Sharp AQUOS BOARD® interactive board, the interaction a lawyer can have with a jury is game-changing. Using a touch pen, you can easily launch and display the Sharp Pen Software user interface, a menu comprising smartly arranged icons that provide easy access to pen settings and functions. These boards have been displayed on ESPN and cable news, so the jury will be familiar with the technology. The attorney and witness can write on the board. Hot seat operators can simultaneously annotate pictures, documents, videos and anything you can imagine. For a demo or more information, give us a call at 205-379-1063.

PowerPoint Presentations

Being able to present your case in a visually stimulating manner is essential. Let Brewer Walker assist you with your presentation for opening statement, or let us help create a reactive presentation to use with witnesses. Adapting and reacting during a trial is important, and we have the experience to help present your message clearly and efficiently all the way to closing argument.

War Room Setup

A well designed, fully stocked war room is essential for trial, especially when your trial is out of town. Brewer Walker has several setups available to assist your war room needs. Let us make sure the right war room is already set up for you. We can make this stressful process smooth and cost-effective. A great war room can minimize the unforeseen events, additional shipping costs, and more importantly, your stress.

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