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Some examples of the services offered by Brewer Walker can be seen in our media gallery.

Process Serving

At Brewer Walker, each of our assignments is handled by a professional process server with the experience and training to get the job done right. You can rest assured that your papers will be served promptly and in strict accordance with the rules of civil procedure.

Video Depositions

In the old days video equipment was bulky and took up a lot of space, which made setting up in a doctor’s office or small conference room difficult. Our team of videographers uses the newest and best equipment available, which means the equipment is compact, quick to setup and provides the best quality available. Our videographers are trained to make sure the picture is set up and framed properly with crisp and clear audio.

Video Editing and Production

Technology is rapidly changing, therefore we make sure the video production and editing equipment we use is current. Not too long ago, producing an 8 hour video deposition meant sitting in a production suite an additional 8 hours working on producing the job. This is no longer the case. With the current equipment and software we use in our production suite, it only takes a fraction of the time. If you need a video edited for trial or mediation, we have the resources to make it happen quickly and with great quality.

Settlement Videos

Unlike a settlement brochure where the reader can look at your message at his or her leisure, video has the unique advantage of being linear in nature. The viewer watches your presentation from start to finish. There is no turning to the last page just to “get to the bottom line.” Our settlement videos are persuasive presentations within a professionally produced documentary.

Because the settlement video is sent to insurance adjusters, in-house counsel, CEOs, and/or defense counsel, it gives the plaintiff the opportunity to communicate directly with the ultimate decision-makers. When corporate executives get an eye-opening look at how their case could play out in trial, a favorable settlement is likely.

At Brewer Walker, we are proud to have an experienced, professional team to produce a high quality settlement video.


If a picture is worth a 1,000 words, an animation is worth 10,000. Our animators use the newest computers and the best software to bring pictures and stories to life.


Voice-over work is special type of art that requires a special type of artist. Our VO artists consist of public radio announcers and other voice artists that have been trained to speak in the American Standard accent, which is the same accent actors and radio personalities are taught. We provide crisp audio that has been recorded on professional recorders with a professional microphone. The end result is a great product that has been equalized for best sound quality.

Document Processing

Getting organized and ready for trial can be a daunting task. We can help. Whether it’s scanning all of your documents or simply Bates numbering them, Brewer Walker can do it. Some of the services we offer are:

  • Scanning
  • Copying
  • Bates Labeling
  • Blowbacks
  • Printing
  • Oversize Printing
  • Blowups/Trial Board

Witness Prep

At Brewer Walker, we know preparation is the key to a successful result in a trial or deposition. Our team will help create a realistic venue environment to help prepare your witness. We can provide a hot seat operator, videographer and any audio/visual equipment necessary to make the preparation as close as possible to a deposition or trial. At the end of the day, we can provide the witness and the attorney a copy of the video to help with future preparation.

Site Inspections

When presented in court or mediation, a high quality site inspection video is powerful evidence that can favorably impact the outcome of a case by bringing remote locations and events directly into the courtroom. Some of the more common uses for video site inspections are to:

  • Document defects and safety hazards
  • Present test results and findings
  • Create a permanent record of pre-construction conditions
  • Display accident scenes, adverse conditions and specific events
  • Corroborate the testimony of an expert witness


Brewer Walker provides full audio/visual support for mediations and arbitrations. Our hot seat operators have spent months in mediations and arbitrations, helping attorneys with a variety of presentations and services. For more details, please use our Request a Consultation section below.

Mock Trials

Brewer Walker provides numerous options for mock trials. For more details, please use our Request a Consultation section below.

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