After Trial

Some examples of the services offered by Brewer Walker can be seen in our media gallery.

Courtroom Teardown

At the conclusion of your trial, Brewer Walker quickly and efficiently removes all audio/visual equipment without disrupting the jury deliberation. We can also move all of your boxes, trial materials, supplies etc. from the courtroom and back to your office in a timely manner.

Jury Interview

The opinion of your jury is important. After years of doing jury interviews, we wanted to find a more streamlined, stress-free tool for achieving insightful information from the men and women who serve on our juries. Brewer Walker has a fantastic system in place for post-trial jury feedback. Our clients have been extremely pleased with our new service. Please give us a call at 205-379-1063 or simply fill out the Request a Consultation form below for more details.

Data Archive

At the conclusion of every case, all case data is securely archived at Brewer Walker for future access.

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